The warcraft AR project is working to merge the experince of World of Warcraft [WOW] with the real world allowing players to become their avatars. Shown are our preliminary tests.

We see this as a large scale project and are looking to work with collaborators from across the globe. We are also interested in bringing other video games and virtual experinces into reality as well. Please contact us if you are interested!

Warcraft ARmor by zei wei tan
Millions of World of Warcraft [WOW] users spend countless hours building up their avatars and fantasize about wearing their attire. In the warcraft ARmor project gives players the ultimate experience and allows them to be fully immersed in their characters clothing by using augmented reality. For the project Zei Wei Tan downloaded his WOW figure with armor. He then mapped the 3d ARmor models to markers and attached them to a suit.

Shown in the video is more tests of this ongoing project.
This project was made in Mark Skwarek’s 3d Grad Studio Seminar at NYU Polytech’s BXMC. Code by Arun and Ashwine also from class.

More documentation soon!

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